Sunday, January 13, 2008

Transformation Sans Gratification

Comfort has brought horror to the suicide shaman,
has the stallion spunk of VIC THRILL been forever slumberized?
Hara Kiri with a spring-loaded rubber knife, NO!
Every so often a sleep walking soldier wakes up after having put on 30 lbs with a feedbag on his or her face in the conformity ward,
smoldering faith in the Super Being that is a whisper-like fuse into a head full of dynamite!!!
I am too weak and blind to roar and have any effect,
be still,
slowly fill a blimp with the air from your lungs,
a visual aide for your reverse contemplation,
pumping consciousness,
like hydrogen into a vacated will,
a whisper of hope into his ear,
like dope disarms his fear,
toothpick jostled in teeth a chatter,
ignite tongues of fire in the soft shelled sleep walking soldier delivering a hydrogen bomb!