Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sanitization of a Sick Mind

WORRY is not REFLECTION, it is misspent energy and the smell of it attracts devils at the speed of light and as soon as the light comes on in your mind, they jump off and pounce on the next poor soul. Poor souls - know that you are beautiful and unstoppable when you turn toe and hunt the shadows that haunt your mind with halogen wonder and silent thunder.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hiatus to Creatus: Vic's book is due, shows will be few and far 'tween

Alas it is time to swallow the chimes and rehash olden times, whence a group of wunderkins without pretense flocked together, through a hole in the fence, away from the hologram of societal simulations and left behind their frustrations, pure to be picked by the wee goddess of dandelion dreams whose tears of beer and breath of voo stoked the fire conspire to do before doubt coulda shoulda putta damper on destiny that was once considered off limits according to the dictates of reason, but then unholy treason was sanctioned by suspension of disbelief or call it faith in failure to equal success, for if in this life the shit don't fly...I know I'm goin' places after I die.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VTSM FINALE w/MAD LARRY - bonus set of Bogmen songs!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Nashville Scene - Critics Picks & Show Review!

Williamsburg musician/raconteur/performance artist/dynamo VIC THRILL brought his CIRCUS OF ENLIGHTENMENT to town Saturday night, and it was the most un-Nashville evening we’ve experienced in a long time...

VIC THRILL’S CIRCUS OF ENLIGHTENMENT FEAT. UNICORN Do you regret missing out on the arty insanity of Andy Warhol’s Factory parties? Wish you’d been around for the multimedia freakouts that were the Merry Pranksters’ Acid Tests? Well this week you’re in luck...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Circus of Enlightenment goes to Nashville!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Dearest Friends, Fans, Family, Fruitcakes of The Universe, Sirens of Utopia, Patron Saints of Revelry and Mystic Bacchanalians,

This Friday, July 13th @ 10pm will signify the LAST NYC SHOW for VIC THRILL+THE SATURN MISSILE. We have decided to take an indefinite sabbatical and therefore would love to see all of you one last time to trip the night fantastico! The irony of this show is that it's also a party for our retail release of CIRCUS OF ENLIGHTENMENT, available exclusively at Sound Fix in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - the birthplace of our dream to become not rock-stars, but an artistic anomaly of unsalable, obscure genus, ha! Actually, that conflicts with our old motto of "Art for art's sake, but not for the sake of obscurity", so strike that and insert something that makes sense to you, because it's certainly been difficult to make sense of it all for us!

WE LOVE the people that come to our shows, you are exactly the colorful, open-minded, unpretentious, kindred spirits we'd hoped to attract by the music we made (and will continue to make together and separately in the studio). Not only that but we are very proud of the music we've made and this was no easy thing to let go of for either of us, so let that be known that we are like two brothers starting new families, and this is no euphemized eulogy about our choice to put VTSM to rest.

Without further adieu we hope to see you at SOUND FIX (110 Bedford Ave. & N.11th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211) this FRIDAY the 13th @ 10pm (FREE), with a great thirst for life and limber loins.

Sincerely, with love and gratitude, always and everywhere there is sound,


"Kissing cobras, hissing light..."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

VT on This American Life

Vic is featured on This American Life in a story about his collaboration with Hassidic rocker Curly Oxide.

My Experimental Phase
Chaim and Billy both lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just blocks away from each other, in worlds that almost never collided. Chaim was a Hasidic Jew — he'd never heard pop music or watched MTV. Billy Campion, known as the rocker Vic Thrill, was the star of an underground band. Billy put Chaim, who took on the name Curly Oxide, into the band, and in just one year, he leapt from the 19th century into the 21st. David Segal, rock critic for the Washington Post, reports. (39 minutes)

Listen to the broadcast here:

Monday, July 02, 2007


Vic Thrill is interviewed on WNYC for a special "Coney Island" episode of Soundcheck.

Ballad of a Brooklyn Beach Front
Real estate developers plan to give it a polished look, but Coney Island’s seedy charm lives on in music. On the eve of the annual Mermaid Parade, we look at Coney Island's musical legacy with Charles Denson, Head of Coney Island History Project and author of “Coney Island: Lost and Found, and Brooklyn-based performer Vic Thrill.

Listen to the broadcast here:

Holy Mountain Original Trailer

Original Trailer to the 1972 Alexandro Jodorowsky Film which just came out on DVD - dying to see it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hyperspace Star Polytope Explanation

See my Stellations of the Dodecahedron applet to see how a "Star Polyhedron" is generated in 3 dimensions. In that applet, we see that a dodecahedron is a volume of space that is bounded by 12 planes. When those planes are extended infinitely, they criss-cross through each other, chopping up space into many "chunks". The inner chunks are finite and they are distributed in shells around the core dodecahedron. The dodecahedron has only one kind of chunk in each shell, but other polyhedra (like the icosahedron) can have several different types of chunk in each shell.
The same procedure works in 4 dimensions. A 4-dimensional convex polyhedron (properly called a "polytope" or "polychoron") is a volume of 4-dimensional space that is bounded by a number of hyperplanes. For example, the 4-dimensional polytope known as the "120-cell" is bounded by 120 hyperplanes.

(A hyperplane is a 3-dimensional space that slices through the 4-dimensional space, the same way a 2-dimensional plane can slice through our 3-dimensional space.)

The bounding hyperplanes can be extended infinitely so that they criss-cross through each other, chopping up hyperspace into many 4-dimensional "chunks". Again the inner chunks are finite, and they are distributed in shells around the core polytope.

The HyperStar applet displays those finite chunks, one shell at a time. The inner shells are complete -- each shell completely encases the previous shell. The outermost shells have holes in them.

The applet's shell# represents the number of hyperplanes that you have to pass through to reach the interior of the core. Shell# 0 is the core itself. The first couple of shells contain only one kind of chunk in each, but most of the higher-numbered shells contain a variety of different chunks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Testes 1 2 3

Here is a test blog entry. Whoo.