Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eddie Eyeball from 2 Skinnee J's on bass at Bowery Electric Thursday

We are thrilled to report that upstanding bassist (not to be confused with upright bassist) Eddie Eyeball of the legendary 2 Skinnee J's is once again lending his sonic rub-a-dub to the deep-space-apocalypso-skunkwave compositions of VT/VTSM. Reliable sources deep inside the VT disorganization have informed us that Mr. Eyeball has been pitching Vic on a concept of doing a stretch of shows where the VTSM album Circus Of Enlightenment would be performed entirely by old-skool live musicians, eliminating the use of any electronics. In the past year or two it is in fact known that VT was approached by one other well known band, whose name will remain anonymous for now, to record a new album of new VT compositions with their full musical involvement. Something mysterious is afoot - a new Vic Thrill Salon is days away from being opened and there's a swirl of cosmic collaboration soon to emerge thanks to the relentless encouragement of long time friends and supporters of VT. Watch this Summer's performances like one would a brewing hurricane out at sea - Hurricane Vic is about to make landfall!!!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

"Hell Ball Rolls" video by BAMIAM.tv

hell ball rolls by vic thrill, visuals by bamiam,tv from BAMiAM on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

VT + special guests @ Bowery Electric w/BAMIAM.tv

Electro-Firebird VIC THRILL has risen from his radical sabbatical vernal-infernal geequinox residency in Purgatory, XY --> The Circus Of Enlightenment has "seemlessly" transcended the shrinking imagination of new-blue human consciousness thanks to the photon painted portals of BAMIAM.tv, whose stop-motion keytar is symbolic of a stairway to Virtual Heaven! Experience exotic musical mayhem sung in tongues with the power to heal precious souls strangled by cynicism - like Richard Simmons, Vic will aerobicize along with you in butt-blind search of the eternal boogie!
We are so excited to be joined on the bill by an amazing artist from a nearby galaxy - ALIENS www.aliensmusic.com


Saturday, June 06, 2009

VIC THRILL live at EL CID (L.A.) June 8th, 10pm

VIC THRILL plays live at the legendary EL CID on Monday June 8th @ 10PM! Vic will be joined onstage by former VT bassist-electronosist MARK WIKE (THE BOGMEN) and caterwauling, percussive pixie-punk T POW! (THE WAU WAU SISTERS).

$10 admission

4212 Sunset Blvd
LA, CA 90029

For more info on the performers:
VIC THRILL - http://www.victhrill.com
THE BOGMEN - http://thebogmen.com or http://myspace.com/thebogmen
THE WAU WAU SISTERS - http://www.wauwausisters.com

*Vic recommends you also check out the early show with THE WAU WAU SISTERS , 8pm (separate $15 adm)