Monday, April 13, 2009

Christopher John Campion - Escape From Bellevue @ Book Revue in Huntington, NY

Hey kids,

I wanna thank everyone who came out and supported us at 92YTribeca a few weeks ago----'Twas a smash of an evening!! Our next big show will be at Book Revue in our hometown of Huntington, Long Island on Saturday April 18th at 7pm. It will be a similar format to the one at 92Y with a reading, some storytelling, and a performance with the Drops followed by a book signing where I get busy John Hancocking everything put in front of me. Could I have worded that better? Sure. Would it have had the same impact? Probably. Why am I asking myself all these questions in the middle of this email? I dunno. But this is our big homecoming, folks, and promises to be one for the books (unintentional bad pun there). Also, we apologize for selling outta copies of Escape From Bellevue so fast at the last show but have been assured that Book Revue will be amply stocked.  Anyhooze, we're told the book is selling really well and are forever grateful to y'all for spreading the word about it. Later gators....

Ol' Campy

ps - below is the link to the video we opened the show with at 92Y. I think it'll give you a kick.

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Anonymous said...

i just started your book and i have bad news for u.u r not a rock star u r an author.u r hilarious and u have to come to my 64th b-day party,kay?