Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vic Thrill + T Pow with Mark Day from Happy Mondays

VT-TP w_mark happy mondays

Vic Thrill + T Pow show w/legendary TV icon Frank Sidebottom and an amazing circus band known as Thingumabob & The Thingumajigsat Lloyd's in Manchester England attracted a star-studded crowd of party animals including 24 Hour Party People guitarist Mark Day of THE HAPPY MONDAYS, BBC 6 radio host and former bassist of THE FALL Marc Riley,and drummer Mike Joyce of THE SMITHS. The entire evening was a harmonic convergence of magical weather and people, it snowed over a foot and a half that night (the most in Manchester modern history), VT+TPoW and The Thingumajigs traveled to and from the venue on a surfboard tied to the back of Kev Thingumajigs's truck, and the greatest coincidence of all was that Vic Thrill Salon video director and filmmaker Chris Cassidy shooting a documentary on the one and only DENNIS & LOIS.

DJ Marc Riley spun VTSM's "Brevvia Buzz Storm" the following night on his radio show...

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